We are just saying what you are ruling




real time generative video installation


運用網路搜尋圖像與「機器學習」(Machine Learning)方式創作,大量即時抓取「人類破壞生態」關鍵字圖像,以第一人稱、也就是電腦以「我」譴責人類因開發、浪費、 貪婪而導致生態滅絕的圖像投影與字句,可怕的是,電腦經由「自主學習」並「增強更新」演算法與數據分析做出準確預測而逐漸成為「全知者」,多數人類乃至國家逐 漸無法操控數據反而被數據操控,並藉由特意使機器學習模型辨識錯誤,軟體會將污染與環境破壞圖像形容為美好的日常事物。

(We are just saying what you are ruling )

We are just saying how you are ruling, created by using internet image searches and Machine Learning, captures vast quantities of images using “human ecological destruction” as key words, and condemns ecological extinction caused by human greed, waste, and development where the computer uses the first-person pronoun “I”. What is terrifying is that through the algorithms and data analysis of autonomic learning and update enhancements, the computer begins to make accurate predictions and gradually becomes “omnipotent”. Most human beings as well as entire nations become unable to control data, but are instead controlled by data. Of course, the fate of many animals is mutually wrapped up in national politics.