Discharge what you charged

Title:Discharge what you charged
Material:Metal sheets, customize OTG USB device, LCD screen Size:size variable, device size 25.2(H)cm *25.2(w)cm *25.2(D)cm

This work is an electric mechanical cube. There is a mechanical structure above the square pillar, and the lid is usually open. When the audience come near the work, the work will display text that invites the audience to place their mobile phones on the platform. After the audience place their mobile phones on the platform, the lid will close and it will remain locked for 15 ~ 20 minutes. During this time, the device will discharge the audience’s mobile phones until the batteries are almost empty. The lid will then open and give an alarm sound to notify the audience, reminding them to retrieve their phones.

The installation creates 15 to 20 minutes of peaceful time to isolate the audience from mobile phones, which have become an essential gadget of everyday life.

On average, a person spends more than 4 hours a day watching, listening and using a smartphone, and people are growingly attached to their phones. This work attempts to invite or force the audience to briefly part ways with their daily essential, the mobile phones, for 15 to 20 minutes.

作品名稱:『 Discharge what you charged 』
媒材:金屬機構、冷凍設備、自製OTG USB硬體裝置、LCD顯示器 尺寸:尺寸可變


每人消耗在手機的時間不斷上升,平均一天會花4小時以上使用手機,人類對 於手機的依賴〈Discharge what you charged〉作品企圖用邀請或強制的方 式,讓觀眾與日常生活必需品—手機「短暫分離」。

當觀眾接近160公分的正方柱體,上方掀蓋的機械結構會自動顯示文字,邀請 觀眾將手機放置於平台,一旦手機置入平台,上蓋會閉合15~20分鐘,手機將 於裝置內放電(休息)至關機,直到平台發出通知警報,提醒觀眾取回手機,製 造意料之外的「空白」時光。