Afterlife ver. 2.0


[ Afterlife ver. 2.0 ] 生命值量化2.0

recycled E-waste, custom electronic circuit, micro controller, lamp, steels, lcd monitor

size 46cm(L) * 32cm(W) * 24cm(H) _ hight of stand variables

Brief :

[ Afterlife ] is an electronic installation that can collect life from our psychical world and transfer those life by counting how many insects has been terminated by device and transfer the amount of life into a game which is called “ life invader “, and the game “ life invader” is a cloned version of space invader, but artist change the invaders to become humans and player can control the main character which is a insect to defence human attack. If player is terminated, the counter will decrease the number of amount, and when the amount is going to be zero, the installation will ask people to wait for life from our psychical world.

That also means you have to wait insects get killed by the anti insects lamp on the installation.

“ Life shouldn't be about size, scale, value, ... ”