[ Afterlife ver. 1.0 ] 生命值量化1.0

recycled E-waste, custom electronic circuit, micro controller, lamp, steels, monitor

size 36cm(L) * 20cm(W) * 29cm(H) _ hight of stand variables


{ 現實世界的生命 <--裝置--> 虛擬世界的生命 }



“Life is just simple as life, it's nothing about size, surface, scale…… ”

In this Project I try to reduce and magnify the scale of life, let this work can collect life by itself and transfer into a virtual environment to create a kind of afterlife. The virtual environment is a game called “life invader”. On the device, there is a display shows the amount of life collected by installation, and this amount will be the hero’s life of this game. So if audience plays the game and lose the life of hero, the number shows on the display will be decreased. When the number turns to “0”, that means the installation itself have to collect new life for continuing the game.

Real life from physical world  <—>  Afterlife in the virtual environment