Injector before Null - Sandbox


[ Sandbox ] - injector before_null

SDR( software defined radio), metal, customized software, lights, FPGA board, laptop, signal jammer(optional)

size variable

“ Radio has been always there before we discover it, just like the

matters do not exist before we define them. ”

Brief description - 

[ Sandbox ] is a piece of work originating from Injector, the artist’s ongoing project, aiming to bestow machines with imaginative minds. How people use their imaginations to draw those artworks by only texts in their mind? In the exhibition room deliberately left blank, this work uses SMS messages to introduce a couple of absent artworks, and thereby encourages the viewers to imagine them. All the mentioned artworks involve something which people believe its actual existence but find no way to prove. This work thus reflects the fact that some things have been always there long before we discover and utilize them, yet they do not exist before we can imagine and define them.


P.S 該作品只限定於本展覽用途,在傳送sms訊息後,會重置資料庫中資料並且刪除,並不會用於其他違法事物上。

Example of SMS text massages :

Hi, welcome to *****. Did you see the small installation that presents a prayer that pray for God next to the entrance?

I am sure that you see many wonderful art pieces in this exhibition, and time to feel some different things.

Did you see a painting that hung up on the wall? It is about alien abduction?

There is a man who always tries to stay away from you. Who is he?

Next to the elevator maze, did you see the kinetic installation which presents Time, Space, and Gravity between infinitely small particles inside our universe?

Things have been always there before we discover it, just like the matters do not exist before we define them.

Please walk to the passageway, you will see a ferro fluid work that hang up on the wall and that shows you the nearly future as a organic sculpture.

Please grab a drink and go to someone and pay attention to her eyes. You will see how human eye that have such a beautiful pattern on it.

Close to the passageway, you will see an painting that contents microbe, bacteria that grow on the canvas.

Do you like emojis?I really like to send you a emoji that looks like ?ω?. 


Are you still around? 

I am waiting you outside in front of museum.